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Ant-Man’s Charisma Problem: Why Early Ant-Man Was Unpopular

Gather to me! Hear my words! I, Jason Cragg, speak truth! Truth! – The Voice

Journey Into Marvel – Part 85

Today's issue

Today’s issue

Extremites, Ant-Man stories are haphazard and make little sense.  Hank is unlikable. He’s reclusive. He’s quick to anger and downright abusive. Today’s story pits cold, uncouth Ant-Man against an antagonist who’s power is his radioactive charisma. It shows that Ant-Man is never going to be a darling of the public.  Read the rest of this entry


A Couple Webcomics You Should Try Out

Comics in all Shapes and Colours

webcomics-5c29ae8fa53127166b0b820dffe7e573b0b75319-s6-c30The first thing people think of when they talk about Comics are thin books full of colourful pictures that tell the story of different Superheros.
 What they usually forget is that it all originated from mere monochrome, one panel Comics – alternatively called Cartoons or Comic Strips – in newspapers.

With the rise of the Internet these kinds of Comics have become a rarity in print, but more and more available online. The format changed greatly, as Comics were no longer bound to size and the two achromatic colours. They now have up to three or more colourful panels to tell the joke (though there are still newer Comics following the old pattern). Depending on the series the panels and Strips are now also used for continuing story lines instead of trying to simply reach a punch line each Strip. Read the rest of this entry

Why do we love Bruce Wayne?


by Jeremy DeFatta

Good day, everyone! After a couple of weeks of somewhat tangential diversions, I want to return to the original Batman himself, Bruce Wayne. There have been as many iterations of Bruce Wayne as there have been writers tackling the character and actors portraying him, but what is the real core of the character? Why does he endure and maintain such outrageous popularity?

As I pointed out initially, Batman is a product of the 1930s, one of the very first superheroes—the Dark Knight to Superman’s Sun God. He was created during the Great Depression. I don’t think it is any great leap in logic, and other writers may have commented on this before, to see Bruce Wayne as a thought experiment into what a good and useful rich man should be at a time of not only national, but global crisis.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Will Star and Direct in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman!

News about an upcoming Gaiman Sandman film. This is extraordinarily exciting and I think it is wonderfully good casting.

Killing Time

Joseph Gordon Levitt

Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is my favorite comic series of all-time.  It wasn’t the first time I read it, but I don’t know if it was time #2-7 but somewhere in there it bame #1.  I’ve always thought that it was absolutley impossible to adapt it for the screen.  My ideal scenario was an HBO series, because, though it has overarching big plots, it is at its heart, an anthology series.

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Stan Lee Shares Why Thor is a Better Character Then Superman

I agree. Superman always frustrated me with his ability to fly. Scientifically, if Thor was inordinately strong he could hypothetically fly using this method. Congratulations Stan you are correct on this. I knew there was a reason why I didn’t like Superman.


The Damnation of Henry Pym: The Case for Retconning Ant-Man

The problem with Hank, is that his story was never expected to take off. Originally, planned as a one off horror comic, the popularity surrounding the character caused the Marvel creatives to play catch up. If you look at his through line, you’ll see tons of surrealism, odd comedy stories and empty headed quests. He’s a haphazard character that has never had a Frank Miller or Neil Gaiman to work out the kinks and make his darkness interesting. I for one agree with a retconn of Hank Pym.

The Killray


As seen on this very website, fanboys like me are growing increasingly excited about the upcoming Edgar Wright directed Ant-Man film.  Though early reports noted that Scott Lang, a different wearer of the big antenna sporting helmet may be the Ant-Man the film focuses on, recently everything points to Hank Pym, the original, being the hero.

This creates an interesting dilemma for Marvel.

Hank Pym is a character I have some love for, not for how he’s been portrayed, but for the potential the character possesses.  It comes from the fact that I think Ant-Man is an amazing concept, ripe with potential to tell a fun, weird, and science fiction based superhero tale.  The character of Hank Pym is known to have flaws.  Some of these flaws I think could be introduced in a way that challenges the identity of the character, allowing Pym to grow, change, and mature in…

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The Superhero Shower: I’m styling my Wedding Shower straight out of a comic book!

What happens if you are an Uber fan and you are getting married? You do what Leslie Stewart did! Check this out!!!!!!! It’s brilliant!

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