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Comics You Should Have Already Read By Now: Watchmen

I often wonder if Watchmen is not more arresting to a comic nerd then a non nerd. I encountered this publication far after I got into comics so I was already familiar tropes being subverted. I wonder if it would be as powerful without this knowledge?

Outright Geekery

Hello, friends! Taylor here! And I’m exciting to be bringing you something new today here at Outright Geekery: an examination of some of the greatest comics ever written in a segment we’re calling Comics You Should Have Already Read By Now. The aim here is to shine a spotlight on some of the best material to have ever graced the comic medium, and to break down the components of the stories that add up to make the books so good. Basically, think of this as our site’s version of a book club meeting, where we can get together to talk about the all-time classics.

With this in mind, what better book could there be for our initial outing than the one that many people, myself included, consider the greatest comic book ever created? And so let’s dive into Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen.

Before we get started, though, you…

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