The Damnation of Henry Pym: The Case for Retconning Ant-Man

The problem with Hank, is that his story was never expected to take off. Originally, planned as a one off horror comic, the popularity surrounding the character caused the Marvel creatives to play catch up. If you look at his through line, you’ll see tons of surrealism, odd comedy stories and empty headed quests. He’s a haphazard character that has never had a Frank Miller or Neil Gaiman to work out the kinks and make his darkness interesting. I for one agree with a retconn of Hank Pym.

The Killray


As seen on this very website, fanboys like me are growing increasingly excited about the upcoming Edgar Wright directed Ant-Man film.  Though early reports noted that Scott Lang, a different wearer of the big antenna sporting helmet may be the Ant-Man the film focuses on, recently everything points to Hank Pym, the original, being the hero.

This creates an interesting dilemma for Marvel.

Hank Pym is a character I have some love for, not for how he’s been portrayed, but for the potential the character possesses.  It comes from the fact that I think Ant-Man is an amazing concept, ripe with potential to tell a fun, weird, and science fiction based superhero tale.  The character of Hank Pym is known to have flaws.  Some of these flaws I think could be introduced in a way that challenges the identity of the character, allowing Pym to grow, change, and mature in…

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I possess a degree in Theatre and Drama from the University of Toronto. I own my own theatre company called Snobbish Theatre. We focus our work on new versions of classics.

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