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The Anatomy of a Silver Age Comic: What the Solo Human Torch Teaches Us About Silver Age Comics

Journey Into Marvel – Part 57

137839-18066-110795-1-strange-talesExtremites, I give the Torch solo issues a tough time. I over think things. This has the treacherous affect of over complicating my writing.

The Torch solo stories were written hastily. They often do not possess the same poetic grandeur that an issue of the Fantastic Four or Journey Into Mystery possesses. My analyses of the Torch Strange Tales stories has been nitpicky.

As Syrio Forrell says to death, ‘not today!’ Today I take the story on its own terms.

This Torch story is a perfect encapsulation on what makes the Silver Age period at Marvel so charming. Today’s review is a dissection of what makes a good Silver Age story tick. Why are they charming? Why do we still, in this age of long form narrative, post Frank Miller/Alan Moore complexity, still enjoy sitting down with a simple Silver Age yarn? Read the rest of this entry

Moffat’s Shitty Fairy Tale Obsession

The Seven Shitty Moffatisms Destroying Doctor Who – Part IV

drwho-nameofthedoctorExtremites, I begin this article with an apology. It’s been a while since I’ve updated Seven Shitty Moffatisms and, like George RR Martin, I’ve been over taken. Blame writer’s block.

Mr. Moffat, I’m back.

It has been a while, sir.

I’ve heard that you and Pete, the former president of the Scottish Doctor Who fan club turned actual Doctor, have had some clashes. Apparently, he thinks some of your ideas are off the mark.

Of course, darling Moffat, this is all unsubstantiated but I chose to believe it’s true because it aligns with my world view. You are no stranger to narrow world views are you, Steve?

I guess that is why we are here today isn’t it; because your misguided world view is decimating our beloved Doctor Who. Read the rest of this entry

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