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5 Reasons why Carol Danvers Deserves the next Super-Hero Movie



Recently Marvel studios head Kevin Feige said that he would like to see Carol Danvers get the next movie. And you know what? I agree. I agree so much that I had to compose a list of the top five reasons why she should get her own movie.

1. No other female character would work better

I mean let’s look at the options. Black Widow wouldn’t work because she works best in tandem with other characters like Nick Fury. Knowing Hollywood, she would end up the tail end of some man’s story, and we want a woman to have her own movie. Plus she doesn’t have any superpowers which might lead to her main skill set (namely seducing men and killing fools) to make the movie a little too R rated. Spider-Woman Jessica Drew might be cool, but I doubt that Marvel Studios wants to go to battle with…

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