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‘Game of Thrones’: First season 4 footage

Cool! The new trailer for season 4 is out! Looks great.

Should Jon Snow be the New Mr. Fantastic?

Is this the face of Reed Richards?

Is this the face of Reed Richards?

Recent stories at Variety, and more, are reporting that Kit Harrington, of Game of Thrones fame, is being looked at as a possible new Mr. Fantastic in the reboot of The Fantastic Four.

Though I respect his acting, I think he is not the right choice as he is far too young for the role. Reed is a crusty middle aged scientist. He is not a young sexy heartthrob.

Hollywood commonly disregards the comic source material in their film adaptations, often creating simple money grabbing empty films. What the DC Arkham series has proven: is the source material is powerful and when adapted makes for much more interesting work.

This is a terrible sea, that the new reboot will have to navigate.

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