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Arrow – Suicide Squad

This week’s Arrow recap covers Diggle, the man with the plan. Also the SUICIDE SQUAD!!!! Arrow is falling down the Esoteric comic book hole and we fall more and more in love it.

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Caveman Review


So we take a little break from the main arc of Slade and Oliver to focus on Diggle, A.R.G.U.S., and the Suicide Squad. Though Oliver’s story has its good moments, the main story for this episode wasn’t a let down. I’ll go over Oliver before I get into the Suicide Squad. 

Admitting you need help with something is a difficult thing to do, especially for guys. We just want to be macho and do it on our own to prove that we can. Well this is what is happening with Oliver as he’s attempting to find Slade and take him down. This creates a rift between he and Sara which is completely understandable.However Oliver is stubborn and insists on doing this on his own. You’d think by now that Oliver would accept some help  knowing how strong Slade is.

Slade just seems to be a few steps ahead of Oliver in…

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