All Reviews Pertaining  to Odin


1. “Trapped By Loki, The God of Mischief” (Journey Into Mystery #85 Oct. 1962) (THOR, LOKI, JANE FOSTER, ODIN, HEIMDALL, BALDER, TYR)

2. “On the Trail of the Tomorrow Man” (Journey Into Mystery #86  Nov. 1962) (THOR, ODIN, JANE FOSTER, ARTUR ZARRKO)

3. “The Vengeance of Loki” (Journey Into Mystery #88 Jan. 1963) [THOR, LOKI, ODIN, HEIMDALL, BALDER, TYR, JANE FOSTER]

4.“The Thunder God and the Thug!” (Journey Into Mystery #89 Feb. 1963) [THOR, ODIN, THUG THATCHER, JANE FOSTER]

5.“Trapped By The Carbon Copy Man!” (Journey Into Mystery #90 Mar. 1963) [THOR, ODIN, JANE FOSTER, XARTANS]

6.“Sandu, Master of the Supernatural!” (Journey Into Mystery #91 Apr. 1963) [THOR, JANE FOSTER, LOKI, ODIN, SANDU, VALKYRIES]

7.“The Day Loki Stole Thor’s Magic Hammer” (Journey Into Mystery #42 May 1963) [THOR, JANE FOSTER, ODIN, FRICKA, HEIMDALL, LOKI, B.J KOSMOJIAN]

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