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Damian: Son of Batman – Brilliant Idea, Awful Execution

When it comes to comic books, cliffhangers are part of the gig. But comic book fans want and deserve some closure. I guess Andy Kubert didn’t get the memo.

Damian Wayne is one of the most intriguing spin-off characters DC has come up with. Bruce’s son by Talia al Ghul, he grew up being the heir to Ra’s al Ghul’s seat. However, his mother eventually leaves him with Bruce, and numerous story-archs follow, including one where Talia had to save her son from being the body that her undead father would inhabit in his quest for immortality. With time, he became the fourth Robin, spending the majority of his time as Robin with Dick Grayson as Batman until The New 52 reboot, which brought Bruce back to the cowl.

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