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Lightning gave me abs: Goon reviews Flash “City of Heroes”

Hey! FLASH is here. Now, Snooty and Goon are two of my favourite critics in this whacky world of Internet rhetoric we call WordPress. This is a wonderful recap, slash review, and may I just say I really dug Flash and I hope loads of good things come from this show.

‘The Flash’ First Look: Grant Gustin suits up for new promo — VIDEO

We are trying to stop posting these buzzy articles but I thought just this once  because it has the wonderful Flash trailer — which I am overjoyed by — we’d share it. ENJOY!

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‘The Flash’ first full body costume photo

Flash is here. This is the first image of the full body costume of the new Barry Allen on CW. I cannot wait for this show. If it is anything like the surprising Arrow, then I am sure, the show is gonna really worth the watch.THE FLASH Full Suit Image




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Arrow’s Showrunner Denies Any DC/Marvel Rivalry

Popwrapped seems to have secured an article that claims there is no rivalry between TV Marvel and TV DC.

This is probably true. Though there is definitely jealousy when it comes to companies like Fox vs. Disney. All these companies want to get in on the cash cow that is the superhero adaptation.

Though I love both the CW‘s Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I hope the upcoming adaptations are done with the same tender love and care.

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‘Arrow’ team previews Barry Allen’s arrival, ‘Flash’ pilot — VIDEO

The is extraordinarily exciting news.

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