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New XMen Days Of Future Past Clip Official Opening Battle

X-Men, X-Men, X-Men!

Sci-Fi Jubilee

New XMen Days Of Future Past Clip Official Opening Battle

Check out this awesome new action-packed clip from the opening battle of X-Men Days of Future Past!

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New X-Men: Days of Future Past Teaser Footage

Graphic Policy

A new teaser was posted to Instagram by the X-Men movie account showing off some new footage and giving us a heads up to keep our eyes open for even more this coming Monday, January 27.

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Daniel Cudmore To Return As Colossus In X-Men: Days Of Future Past Script Leak Reveals

Wonderful news. I do hope they increase his role though. Colossus is an important member of X-Men and like many characters he has received the short shrift.

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Oh, It’s Deadpool. Deadpool is Getting Married

I had read about Deadpool‘s inevitable marriage. Here’s a rundown of what to expect.


The full teaser wedding picture has been revealed, and it looks like Deadpool is the lucky groom! But personally, I am far more interested in the big picture itself. I definitely want this as a poster. Just look at all the characters!

You’ve got Forbrush Man, Beta Ray Bill, Stringray, Gargoyle, Multiple Man and so many more! It’s a brilliant picture by artist Scott Koblish. That is an achievement, let me tell you. As for Deadpool getting married? Meh, I couldn’t care less. Is anybody reading Deadpool? Is it part of some gag? Or has he seriously fallen in love with somebody? I don’t read Deadpool because he’s just not my kind of humor, but getting married just for the silliness of it sounds like something Marvel would do with the character.

You can see an even bigger version here.

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X-Men vs. Fantastic Four Movie Story Revealed (Rumor)

This is a great article giving the run down on the problems and benefits of the possible upcoming Sony film.

Movie Prescription

So I was online looking up movie news like I usually do and I came across a rumor stating that Fox is looking to have a shared movie universe  between the X-men franchise and the Fantastic Four Franchise and that they already have the story they are looking to use. The report that came from the The Motley Fool states this:

“Fox owns the rights to the Fantastic Four and the X-Men characters, who are among the most well-known comic book heroes of all time. After multiple movies in their respective franchises, Fox has now decided to combine the Fantastic Four and the X-Men for an “Avengers”-style movie that could pay off huge for shareholders.”

“Based on a 1987 four issue comic called Fantastic Four vs. X-Men, the movie will see the characters against each other because of secrets regarding the Fantastic Four’s origin.”

Ok now here’s my thoughts, with…

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I Do Not Want an X-Men/Fantastic Four Movie Crossover

I agree with most of what was said in this article. And I’d like to throw my hat in the ring saying this is a bad idea.


Ever since the monumental success of Marvel’s The Avengers movie – to the tune of 1.5 billion dollars – all of the other studios are scrambling to make team-up movies as well. Because when something succeeds in Hollywood, everyone else wants to do that exact thing (hence the 3D craze). The sequel to Man of Steel is now going to feature both Batman and Wonder Woman, with rumors of even more Justice League cameos.

But making even less sense is the desire of FOX Studios to put their X-Men and rebooted Fantastic Four franchises into a shared universe. I may just be another nerd angrily ranting on the Internet, but I have zero interest in this coming to pass.

First of all, this reeks of studio manipulation, and I don’t like studio manipulations. Marvel and Disney pulled off a masterstroke combining their Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Hulk…

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‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ will open in 2016

X-Men news!

Has ‘X-Men’ Gotten “Too Real?”

I certainly agree. This Magneto video is great. People have too much sensitivity about history. If we still mourn and cry about events fifty years ago, we allow guys like Oswald to win.

Life in Technicolor

Long-time fans and newcomers alike were delighted when the X-Men: Days of Future Past press machine churned out a viral video and a related website this afternoon.  The video and website featured a new take on the JFK assassination conspiracy. Both suggested that metallokinetic mutant Erik Lehnsherr, aka Magneto, redirected Lee Harvey Oswald’s bullets and killed John F. Kennedy. This new and entirely invented theory has been dubbed “the bent bullet theory.” Details regarding Lehnsherr’s arrest, secret trial and imprisonment were also addressed in the new material.

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X-Men Days of Future Past Viral Marketing: Did Magneto Kill JFK?

I love a good marketing ploy, thus why this needs to be on Extremis! How was and why was Magneto involved in JFK’s death.

Killing Time

Perhaps making the best use of viral marketing since the original Dark Knight, Days of Future Past has already introduced the Trask name and idea of Sentinels through their Trask Industries  videos.  This video entitled “The Bent Bullet” though, reveals a major development in the X-Men timeline after X-Men: First Class.  Either the victim of conspiracy or by deed in fact, Magneto in considered to be one of the assassins of John F. Kennedy.

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Is the Early X-Men Just a Better Written Fantastic Four?

The Story I Read: “X-Men” (X-Men #1 Sept 1963)

xmen1It must get annoying reading these reviews and seeing me bring up the Fantastic Four at every given moment. I do admit I often think to myself, ‘my my I do go on about the Four, and in the middle of a review of Spider-Man no less,’ but as I get deeper and deeper into Marvel, it is astounding to me the influence that group has on the others. Never has that influence been more obvious then in the debut issue of the X-Men.

I am so excited to have read far enough into this journey to finally meet mutants, as they were the ones that spurred on the journey in the first place. However, I did not expect to encounter the team that I did. I actually thought Wolverine was an original member of the X-Men!

I know, total newb, right?

I didn’t know, he wasn’t involved until the seventies.


My mind is blown.

The X-Men is the third team offered up by Marvel. First, they gave us the vainglorious fame whores that are the Fantastic Four, second, the mish-mash team of coincidence that is the Avengers and now, the X-Men, and also Marvel Girl, but we’ll get to that.

If Reed, Sue, Jonny and Ben looked into a magic mirror and asked it to predict what they would look like if they were better written and male, what would be presented back to them would be Cyclops, Angel, Ice Man and Beast.

Cyclops is almost a carbon copy of Reed’s prickly personality. As each character goes through their training, which a good half of the issue is dedicated too, Cyclops chastises each character individually for being childish. How Mr. Fantastic can you get? Unlike, Reed however, he has a soul and when he goes up against Magneto’s magnetic forcefield, I actually really wanted him to succeed, a feeling I have yet to share for Reed.

Angel and Sue are two peas in a pod, because they are both quiet hearts of the situation. When the chaos is happening, they remain calm and continue thinking for what is best as a group. Also, their skills are wildly less powerful then the rest of the group.

Ice Man and Torch are obviously mirrors. I mean come on, Ice verses Fire? Stop the presses, Julian, you’ve discovered something knew.

Beast, (who is not yet blue and, even though I’m a newb, I know why) is a smarter, more brash, version of Thing. He’s a mixture of Happy Hogan, Ben Grimm and Tony Stark. Beast is a down to Earth muscle, with a low self esteem and a witty sarcastic persona. He’s a marvelous character.

The X-Men are a better version of the Fantastic Four, and this is because they have two things the Four don’t: Professor Xavier and Jean Grey. Prof. X is a fantastic character from the get go. He rarely uses his voice rather relying on his extraordinary mental powers to communicate. It seems that he literally has the world at his finger tips for he can fly a an airplane with his mind, anywhere on Earth, from his wheelchair in upstate New York. It would be safe to say that in this period of Marvel, he is the strongest character in the universe. Jean Grey is very special in her own right, as she is the only woman thus far in X-Men and is extraordinarily powerful. There is a moment when Hank McCoy (Beast, for the uninitiated) attempts to steal a kiss from her, she promptly throws him through the wall with her mind. She’s the first female that hasn’t professed her undying love within seconds of meeting another man. This is astounding to me having read through 80 issues of nothing but vacuous females with negligible influence on the plot.

When it comes to influence, there is not a more powerful debut for any villain, DC or Marvel, then Magneto’s is, in this issue. His power is astounding and actually is



a real threat, to the world and the X-Men. All the villains to this point were either wildly weaker then the heroes or were equal (Dr. Doom, Loki and Sandman/ Dr. Octopus). Magneto single handedly takes on the US army, the entire stockpile of Nuclear Missiles in the American East and the X-Men. That’s an even match to him. Magneto is an amazing character, though no back story is given as to his motivations beyond wanting the ‘Homo Superiors to dominate the Homo Sapiens.’ At one point he refers to the X-Men as ‘antagonists’ as if he were the protagonist in his own story. This means that the conflic is not one of man vs. man, but a battle between two ideologies. I am only one issue in and I can already tell there is something more literarily important about the X-Men.

They only thing that holds this story back is the vagary in character construction. The team and the school are already founded by this point. There is no explanation as to why mutants exist. A small explanation from the Professor is given that it may have something to do with radiation exposure as he is the son of two scientists that invented an Atom Bomb, but beyond that, no explanation is given. The characters are also said to be teenagers, hence the school for gifted youngsters bit, yet they look like middle aged adults. With the exception of Ice Man, they are all drawn so coarsely. Can Jack Kirby only draw one face? It seems so.

X-Men is, by far, the best debut. It has best the villain, the best team dynamic, and the most detailed and satisfying story arc. I cannot wait to follow them further.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Pros: The Team Dynamic, Jean Grey, Professor X, Magneto and his attack on the US.

Cons: Jack Kirby’s rendering of the characters.

Previous Review: “…When Cyclops Walks The Earth” (Tales to Astonish #46 Aug 1963)

Upcoming Review: “Music to Scream By” (Tales to Astonish #47 Sept 1963)

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