Fantastic Four

A Comprehensive List On Our Reviews of The Fantastic Four (Including all Human Torch Solo Issues) 


1. “The Fantastic Four” (Fantastic Four #1 Nov 1961) 5 out of 5 (FANTASTIC FOUR, MOLE MAN)

2. “The Fantastic Four Meet The Mole Man, The Moleman’s Secret” (The Fantastic Four #1 Nov 1961) 4 out of 5 (FANTASTIC FOUR, MOLE MAN)

3. “Skrulls From Outer Space” (The Fantastic Four #2 Jan 1962) 2 out of 5 (FANTASTIC FOUR)

4. “The Menace of the Miracle Man” (Fantastic Four #3 Mar. 1962) (FANTASTIC FOUR, MIRACLE MAN)

5. “The Coming of the Sub-Mariner” (Fantastic Four #4 May. 1962) (FANTASTIC FOUR, NAMOR)

6. “Prisoners of Doctor Doom” (Fantastic Four #5 Jul 1962) (FANTASTIC FOUR, DR. DOOM)

7. “Captives of the Deadly Duo” (Fantastic Four #6 Sept. 1962) (FANTASTIC FOUR, DR. DOOM, NAMOR; THE SUB-MARINER)

8.”It Came From The Skies” (Fantastic Four #7 Oct. 1962) (FANTASTIC FOUR, KURRGO)

9.“The Human Torch” (Strange Tales #101, Oct. 1962) (HUMAN TORCH, THING)

10.“Prisoner of the Wizard” (Strange Tales #102 Nov. 1962) (HUMAN TORCH, INVISIBLE GIRL, WIZARD)

11.“Prisoners of the Puppet Master” (Fantastic Four #8 Nov. 1962) [FANTASTIC FOUR, ALICIA MASTERS, PUPPET MASTER)

12.”Prisoner of the 5th Dimension” (Stange Tales #103 Dec. 1962) [HUMAN TORCH, MR. FANTASTIC, XEMU, VELERIA, PHINEAS]

13.”The End of the Fantastic Four” (Fantastic Four #9 Dec. 1962) [FANTASTIC FOUR, NAMOR: THE SUB-MARINER, ALICIA MASTERS]

14. “Spider-Man/Spider-Man vs. The Chameleon” (Amazing Spider-Man #1 Mar 1963) [SPIDER-MAN, AUNT MAY, J.JONAH JAMESON, JOHN JAMESON, FANTASTIC FOUR, CHAMELEON]

15. “The Human Torch Meets Paste-Pot Pete!” (Strange Tales #104 Jan 1963) [HUMAN TORCH, PASTE POT PETE]

16.“The Return of Doctor Doom!” (Fantastic Four #10 Jan 1963) [FANTASTIC FOUR, DR.DOOM, ALICIA MASTERS, STAN LEE, JACK KIRBY]

17.“The Return of the Wizard!” (Strange Tales #105 Feb. 1963) [FANTASTIC FOUR, WIZARD]

18.“The Impossible Man” (Fantastic Four #11 Feb. 1963) [FANTASTIC FOUR, IMPOSSIBLE MAN]

19.“A Visit With The Fantastic Four” (Fantastic Four #11 Feb. 1963) [FANTASTIC FOUR, WILLIE LUMPKIN]

20.“The Threat of the Torrid Twosome” (Strange Tales #106 Mar. 1963) [FANTASTIC FOUR, ACROBAT]

21.“The Master of Flame vs. The Monarch of the Sea!!” (Strange Tales #107 Apr. 1963) [FANTASTIC FOUR, NAMOR, THE SUBMARINER]

22.“The Incredible Hulk” (Fantastic Four #12 Mar. 1963) [FANTASTIC FOUR, HULK, THUNDERBOLT ROSS, RICK JONES, ALICIA MASTERS]

23. “The Painter of a Thousand Perils!” (Strange Tales #108 May 1963) [HUMAN TORCH, WILHELM VAN VILE]

24. “The Red Ghost And His Indescribable Super-Apes!” (Fantastic Four #13 Apr. 1963) [FANTASTIC FOUR, RED GHOST, SUPER APES, UATU THE WATCHER]


25. “Fighting to the Death With the Asbestos Man!” (Strange Tales #111 Aug 1963) (HUMAN TORCH, SUE STORM)

26. “The Micro-World Of Doctor Doom” (Fantastic Four #16 July 1963) 3 out of 5 (FANTASTIC FOUR, ANT-MAN, DR.DOOM)

27. “Defeated by Doctor Doom” (Fantastic Four #17 Aug 1963)  4 out of 5 (FANTASTIC FOUR, DR. DOOM)

28.“A Skrull Walks Among Us!” (Fantastic Four #18, Sept 1963) 3 out of 5 (FANTASTIC FOUR, SUPER-SKRULL)

29. “The Coming of the Avengers” (The Avengers #1 Sept, 1963) 3 out of 5 (IRON MAN, THOR, FANTASTIC FOUR, ANT-MAN, WASP, HULK, LOKI)

30. “Marked for Destruction by Dr. Doom” (The Amazing Spider-Man #5 Oct 1963) 2 out of 5 (SPIDER-MAN, DR.DOOM, FANTASTIC FOUR)

31. “The Living Bomb” (Strange Tales #112 Sept 1963) 2 1/2 out of 5 (FANTASTIC FOUR, LEOPOLD STRYKE)

32. “On The Trail The Amazing Spider-Man” (Strange Tales Annual #2 1963) 4 out of 5 (HUMAN TORCH, SPIDER-MAN, INVISIBLE WOMAN)

33. “Sub-Mariner vs. The Human Race” (The Fantastic Four Annual #1 Sept 1963) 5 out of 5 (FANTASTIC FOUR, NAMOR)

34. “The Coming of the Plantman” (Strange Tales #113 Oct. 1963) (HUMAN TORCH, PLANTMAN)

35. “Prisoners of the Pharaoh!” (Fantastic Four #19 Oct. 1963) (FANTASTIC FOUR, RAMA-TUT)

36.“Human Torch Meets… Captain America” (Strange Tales #114 Nov. 1963) (HUMAN TORCH, INVISIBLE WOMAN, ACROBAT)


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