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Changeling: A Grand Guignol for Murderous Times Debuts in Toronto!


I’m proud to announce that my first Canadian Premiere is happening shortly at the Box in  Toronto.

Changeling: A Grand Guignol for Murderous Times

Event Description

Changeling: A Grand Guignol for Murderous Times by Julian R Munds, directed by Harrison Thomas.

A woman condemned to be married. A man who will do anything to have her. The blood that follows.

A vital new version of the classic by Thomas Middleton and William Rowley, Changeling invites us to consider the horrors of misogyny, and the ways it is perpetrated. With a stellar and diverse cast and crew, including Myentertainmentworld nominees Prince Amponsah, Lauren Horejda and Claire Hill (design). Confronting the classic, this production turns tradition on its head, revealing the absurdity and abject horror that sits at the heart of possessive love.

Step into the stylish world of Changeling, the sophomore production from Toronto’s Desiderata Theatre co. (Lot and his God, NNNN and critics pick, Now Magazine). Part Tarantino, part Craven and part Middleton; come and experience a post modern mashup like no other.

Come, Changelings, and think upon these sins.

Shows Thursday-Saturday at 8 pm

Hungover Matinees Sunday at 6pm.


Examining the Campy Propagandist Beginning of Iron Man

Journey Into Marvel – Part 78

There he is...

There he is…

Have you never seen an Iron Man before?! 

Extremites, with the loss of one hero, the Hulk, we gain another in Iron Man. Tony Stark is by no means the most important part of the Marvel Universe, nor is he even the most popular; he has been on the forefront of big changes at Marvel. His debut comes as the larger interconnected creative universe was designed. Iron Man, like all things comic, begins as propaganda.

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‘Arrow’ finale recap: The hero this city deserves

As I said on my Twitter last night, I am surprised they could make a Green Arrow adaptation so damned good. I wish they could apply some of this talent to the waining properties like Superman and Batman.

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Be a Hero (Code) and Get Comics and Help Charity

Make sure to get in on this wonderful news from Graphic Policy! This is an absolutely wonderful idea.

Graphic Policy

The Hero Code #1Jamie Gambell, the creator behind solid comic series such as The Hero Code has decided to give store platform Patreon a shot. You’re able to purchase, digital or physical comics of his comics coming out, similar to a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter. What’s nice, and special about this, is the profits that would normally go to Patreon will instead be donated to charity.

In addition to Jamie Gambell receiving your pledge amount as support, for this holiday season Patreon will donate 100% of its proceeds to help fund HIV/AIDS vaccine research by supporting a revolutionary research team called Immunity Project.

So, not only will you get a chance to get some awesome indie comics (trust me they’re really good), but part of your money instead of going to some heartless  corporation, it goes to charity. Do some good, and get some cool comics too!


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Bloomsbury Publishing Announces New Full-Color Editions Of Harry Potter

Potterites everywhere. You now know what you want for Christmas.

Call For Contributors!

This seems like a great opportunity for any budding fan writers! Check it out.

Can Marvel Studios make Hank “Ant-Man” Pym a like-able character while staying true to the comics?

You know. The thing we must remember is that Pym was later retconned as suffering bipolar disorder. Perhaps this angle could help the character. Though knowing how Marvel’s film track record has been, they will probably just disregard all the source material.

On The Topic Of:



Somehow, despite himself- Hank Pym aka Ant-Man, aka Giant-Man, aka Goliath, aka Yellowjacket, aka Wasp II is one of my favorite Marvel characters- though it may have more to do with his powers than with Pym himself since I include DC’s similar Ray “The Atom” Palmer in my list of favorite characters as well. But all that aside, in 2015, one of my favorite writer/directors Edgar Wright of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim vs The World fame will be bringing Marvel Comics most controversial super-hero to the big screen in what is reported to be a comedic heist movie by Marvel Studios head Avi Arad.

I eagerly look forward to this movie, combining one of my favorite directors with one of my favorite heroes- it can’t really miss in my opinion, but unfortunately I am not the average comic book fan/comic movie fan.


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‘Agents of SHIELD’ ratings stabilize and … improve?

Good News for Agents of SHIELD. I love this show and hope it sticks around for a long time.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Digital Shortbread shares with us their thoughts on the New Hunger Games film. Though I am not a fan, surely, some of you are.

Thomas J


Release: Friday, November 22, 2013


After struggling to find a decent seat at a showing at 3 in the afternoon, it would seem I had seriously underestimated the frenzy that The Hunger Games had thrown the world into; although I thoroughly enjoyed myself despite all of my hesitations as I watched the original — the first of three adaptations of Suzanne Collin’s brilliant dystopian vision of the American future.

Given the surprising quality of the first, it should’ve been easy, then, to see how the forthcoming sequel would stir an even larger wave of enthusiasm ($25.3 million on Thursday night alone, to be precise). To put this ridiculous number in perspective, Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Part 2, the most successful midnight-opening in box office history, earned $43 million in its first wave of Thursday night showings. This film wasn’t close to topping that, but given the circumstances (this…

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Titan Comics Comixology Sale November 22-24

FYI Everybody. Just in case you are interested in getting in on this sale do so soon!



My Take:

This is your chance to jump into Death Sentence for cheap. No excuses.


                                                                                                        Celebrate the First Wave of Titan Comics’

New Titles with a Three-Day Digital Sale!

Don’t miss this amazing ComiXology weekend sale on our digital titles, running November 22-24!

Check us out on the front page of the comiXology app, or head on over to the Titan Comics Sale page now to get your hands on these incredible titles for only 99¢/69p an issue!

Remember, this offer is available for three days only – so don’t waste…

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