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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S01 E15: Yes Men

Last week when I posted an Arrow recap, I noted that I will post an a Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D one if I find it. Well here it is… done by the guys at It’s a remedial, if you are big follower here at Extremis you know most of the comic backstory, but it’s still a great review. There’s some interesting conjecture on the identity of the blue body. The Kree is a possible choice and one I endorse. I am more interested in the identity of the Clairvoyant. Read on, Extremites.

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To paraphrase Forbes Magazine, “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” is about to become the show everyone wanted it to be. In an article last week they talked about how people wanted a superhero show, and Joss Whedon gave them an espionage show. Now, things are changing, and this week, in the second part of the “Uprising” event, we get Lady Sif and Lorelei from the Thor mythos. Meet me after the jump for my review of “Yes Men.”

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Chris Pratt Agreed To Guardians Of The Galaxy Before Reading Script

Some more news about Guardians of the Galaxy. I’d agree to a Marvel script too in this Golden Age of Superhero films.

Guardians of the Galaxy Details from Director James Gunn *THOR 2 END CREDITS SCENE SPOILERS*

Killing Time

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Thor 2 really gave movie goers their first taste of what the cosmos of the Marvel Universe is like.  The end credits sequence will be an enigma to all but the most rabid comic fans, but it sets up Guardians of the Galaxy and reveals what the ultimate point of the entire film saga will be in (presumably) Avengers 3.  We’ll give it a few more days, because it’s just been out two days in the states, before dissecting minutiae, but MTV recently talked to Guardians director James Gunn and he gave some interesting info on the August 2014 release.

“Everything else I’ve ever been through — failed relationships, failed films, failed friendships — everything I’ve ever done means nothing because I’ve just been created by God to make ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ for you folks.”

“I’m a very controlling guy. [Rocket Raccoon] is a big one for me…

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