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I Love ‘Harry Potter,’ But It’s Time to Let It End

I certainly agree with this to some degree.

In my opinion, the success of the original franchise was wild and uncontrolled. This was shown in the almost bi-polar nature of the books themselves, veering from well fleshed out, to rushed unsatisfying events. Did someone say Tonks and Remus? I certainly did.

After the uninteresting conception of Pottermore, I must say, I hold out little hope for a quality upcoming expansion helmed by Rowling herself.

I wouldn’t mind seeing what other authors have to contribute to the world. Sometimes out ward collaboration of many minds makes a world more comprehensive. Rowling has established the ground rules to the Potter world, but that is not say a new person could not expand it in new and interesting ways. These collaborative mindsets have worked in the shared universes of Marvel and DC for decades.

Rowling said herself after the Hallows finished, that she had said all she needed to say about the characters. I think the failure of Pottermore was directly because of her involvement. She had nothing to add but repeated and tired material.

In short, I am for the expansion of the universe but I want new perspectives, not the tried and true.

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