Blog Pic-1Julian MundsEditor-in-Chief, Journey Into Marvel, Trek Through Trek, Decoding DC, Shitty Moffatisms

Julian founded Extremis on a whim. Being a fancy pants talker and writer about many things, he naturally knew he needed a   blog. Little did he know that that blog would take off and become the Extremis Review. His favourite comic is Hellblazer and on the Marvel side: Uncanny X-Men. He’s a Trekker, a Tolkienist, a Martinite and an avid fan. Julian is also an actor who works around Canada in many theatrical positions.

Email him at:

32188_902801661560_7550707_nBenjamin Cook – Bi-Weekly Contributor: Ben’s Grim Corner.

Benjamin Cook, or Benjammin’ to his friends, is a musician, chef, and aficionado of all things nerdy who is just beginning his foray into the world of writing. A writer of amateur fantasy and sci-fi for fifteen years, he is currently involved in writing music and concert reviews, ranting on politics and philosophy, and has just joined the Extremis Review as a weekly contributor!

When he’s not writing reviews or playing drums for anyone who needs a beat, he can be found at his day job, cooking delicious flexitarian food for a busy Toronto restaurant. In his spare time (yes, he does have spare time), he is currently researching for his own book … or comic. He hasn’t decided yet.

His favourite comic book is the Watchmen, his favourite comic character is Deadpool, and he can easily quote the entire Matrix trilogy from scene one to the oh-so-disappointing end. Catch him every week in Ben’s Grim Corner, waxing philosophic on comics, film, and anything else that lies within the realm of Geek.


Logan JudyBatman and Star Wars Contributor

There’s not a time I can remember not being into something that would be considered nerdy. I inherited many of my older brother’s Batman action figures at a very young age, and eagerly watched cartoons based on characters like Batman, Spider-Man, the Ninja Turtles, and Sonic the Hedgehog. I played out the Star Wars movies with my friends and even read books from the expanded universe. When I was ten years old, my family took a vacation to Florida and went to Universal Studios. It was there that I got my first comic books. They were the only ones I had for a long time, since there wasn’t a comic shop anywhere around my home, but I loved them dearly. Since going to college I have greatly expanded my collection, as well as my love for all things nerdy. I deal with the excess of my obsessions by writing about them, as you may well have guessed. My chief obsessions are in Batman, Star Wars, Batman, Doctor Who, Batman, and many Marvel comics. Also, I have a small Batman complex.



Jesterdeer_small__by_PoiSonPaiNterPoiSonPaiNter – Monthly Contributor

PoiSonPaiNter tries to work her creativity into written words through blogging about random stuff (including movie/book and concert/festival reviews) on her own Blog or through writing stories like the book she’s co-writing (More information here).

Her early interest in Fairy Tales turned into a fascination for Myths and Legends of all kinds, but also a liking for everything Fantasy-related. A similar path was taken from (Disney) Cartoons and Anime to (Web) Comics and other nerdy things: X-Men, Spiderman, Buffy, and Doctor Who. You name it and Poison has either looked into it or has it already on her list. Oddly enough, while bats are amongst her favourite animals, she doesn’t like Batman; or DC characters. She is more of a Marvel-person.

Poison considers herself to be a Metalhead and therefore belongs to a different kind of Dark Side (without former knowledge of the involved cookies, but ever grateful when they are served), but regardless of all the above still certified to ask: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”



Other Freelance Contributors:

Jerry Masterson

Marko Piatoric

Sohanna Talus

Rachel Spear

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