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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Will Star and Direct in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman!

News about an upcoming Gaiman Sandman film. This is extraordinarily exciting and I think it is wonderfully good casting.

Killing Time

Joseph Gordon Levitt

Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is my favorite comic series of all-time.  It wasn’t the first time I read it, but I don’t know if it was time #2-7 but somewhere in there it bame #1.  I’ve always thought that it was absolutley impossible to adapt it for the screen.  My ideal scenario was an HBO series, because, though it has overarching big plots, it is at its heart, an anthology series.

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3 Fan Hits That Need To Be Blockbusters


Ben’s Grim Corner

By: Benjamin Cook

Get excited, Fans!

Get excited, Fans!

So I guess it’s official: the world of film has switched teams. What was once the realm of the wealthy, pompous old fart has now become the bastion of geekdom: almost every major film of the past ten years has been inspired by, adapted from, or loosely based on a graphic, fantasy or science fiction novel. Even this past week, alone, can attest to that. Thor’s new flick raked in over $80 mil. Harrison Ford applied his wrinkly furrowed brow to Ender’s Game. Not even mentioning, the already mega-hyped Batman vs. Superman, which is sure to break new revenue records.

But, what’s next?

I have a few suggestions of my own from the cornucopia of awesome that is the modern graphic novel library and here’s my top three:

  1. Marvel Civil War.
Come on.... I mean THIS could be a Film!

Come on…. I mean THIS could be a Film!

Take a look around.

The world is in shambles.

We could use a few superheroes around to tidy things up, but, the trouble is whenever good guys get together, they always find something to disagree on.

Isn’t that the situation we’re in right now?

All these well-meaning ladies and gentlemen, with the camera pointed at them, with the best intentions and none of them willing to budge on their opinions, like Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama.

Imagine that Vlad was Iron Man and Barack was Steve Rogers. The President of the U.S. is Captain America his damned self. Throw some Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Hulk into the mix, and you’ve got one hell of a cinematic ride … and it’s socially relevant.

If you ask me, a good guy brawl is what we all need from time to time, and now is as good a time as any.

  1. Neil Gaiman‘s Sandman.
Think of the Dark Possibilities.

Think of the Dark Possibilities.

First off, if you haven’t read it, look away right now. Find your nearest comic shop and demand Volume 1 on the double.

Got it?


You’re welcome.

The pros to a Sandman film are innumerable. First off, it’s technically not connected to any of the major comicverses – I mean, it is a DC project, but if Nolan can do what he did to Bane, then no one’s gonna notice. Add to that: a surreal, ever-changing dreamscape as your setting, populated by an infinite number of creatures that would even give Guillermo Del Toro nightmares, top it off with a pale-skinned, robe-wearing omnipotent King of Dreams who turns out no quite so omnipotent.

Sandman is like Inception in a bath made entirely of LSD.

  1. The Wheel Of Time.
Tell me... This is isn't made for a Pete Jackson type.

Tell me… This is isn’t made for a Pete Jackson type.

This would be the ultimate adaptation. A bestselling novel series adapted to graphic novel … then adapted to film?

Hell, don’t even make a movie – syndicate that shit!

Let’s see a little competition for Game Of Thrones out there.

Here’s a quick synopsis: young boy grows up with his friends in some dirt hole town with no ambitions. Suddenly, this beautiful woman shows up, backed by a towering man with a wicked-looking sword. Not even two days later, monsters attack, which leads to an epic story on the level with Tolkien or Martin. Magic, swordfighting, love and betrayal – it’s all there. Ready for the right person to storyboard and start rolling camera. In fact, I think it might be an injustice to us all to just leave this in print.

Please, someone, do the world a favour: make this happen!

So those are my ideal picks for the future blockbusters of 2014.

Nolan, Abrams, Del Toro, if you’re reading this, I wanna be in the credits.

Thanks in advance, guys.

Copyright: Benjamin Cook (Nov.17, 2013.) 

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