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Aquaman is Getting a Second Series!


We will soon live in a world where Aquaman has two ongoing series. It’s not a world where either one is written by Geoff Johns, buuuut we’ll just have to let that slide.

DC Comics announced yesterday the new series, Aquaman and the Others, to be written by Dan Jurgens and drawn by Lan Medina.

For those of you who don’t know, the Others are a new group created for DC’s recent relaunch. They are a group of people each entrusted with one of Atlantis’ ancient magical weapons, and Aquaman joined them for several adventures way back before the Justice League even formed. They’re not so much superheroes are just colorful people from around the world, like the Operative, a geriatric super-spy, or Prisoner-of-War, a hooded soldier carrying the souls of all his former comrades in his weapon. There’s also Ya’wara the jungle woman and Sky, who I don’t remember…

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