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Iron Man’s Second Issue: Abandon All Logic Ye Reader!

Any girl who’d stand you up, darling, would have to be stark, raving ma-a-ad! – Marion

Journey Into Mystery – Part 86

Even Iron Man has to do the talk show rounds.

Even Iron Man has to do the talk show rounds.

Extremites, in Silver Age Marvel, reputation is everything. When the Fantastic Four were created they were thrust into fame. They had to navigate super villains and bank robbers but also fan mail and paparazzi. Iron Man, too, must navigate the dreary annoying world of public relations. Read the rest of this entry


New X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer

Surely, you’ve seen this already… but the new trailer is out for X-Men and it looks great. However, there seems to be a lot of Wolverine and I am not sure how they tackle the loss of Cyclops (which was a huge misstep for X-Men 3.) It certainly looks entertaining any way. Sit back, grab a drink and Mutate!

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