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What’s Up With All-New Marvel NOW!?

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Since it’s the beginning of the year, it seems like Marvel made their own New Year’s resolution – “Let’s re-brand our re-brand and reboot some reboots!” The result of that is All-New Marvel NOW! I’m actually a gigantic Marvel fan and I would say I spend 75% of my free time reading Marvel comics, even though I don’t write about them as much. Also, the All-New Marvel NOW! reboot of Marvel NOW! isn’t really as lame as I just described it. Basically, with the new year, Marvel is re-introducing and re-booting some characters that haven’t gotten as much attention in the past year or so. Also, the same old comics will still be around, just with new story arcs. Here are a couple of the brand new series that I can’t wait to read:

All-New Ghost Rider
I was never a Ghost Rider fan and I didn’t really like the…

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Marvel films: Why bad guys should go good

I think if you look at those characters, you will notice that the majority have not been adapted from their comic book counterparts, in fact some have been created inspire of. As you well know the comics present three dimensional characters. In many cases, these cinematic creations are bastardized simplistic adaptations. Whiplash for example was an amalgamation of two characters. The Mandarin was similar in name only.

I, must say, there should be a greater attempt at adapting the source material rather then creating something new. This perspective killed the first Batman franchise, nearly destroyed Superman and has put asunder many others, Daredevil comes to mind. (It was not Afflecks fault that movie failed.) When looking to actual characters that utilized the source material to their advantage we find detailed portrayals. Ledger’s Joker comes to mind and also Otto Octavius in Spider-Man 2, and obviously, Magneto. Your assessment of Loki is a tad subjective. Tom Hiddleston is known to be quite the fan. Though sometimes he deals with very poor writing, some of his stuff in Dark World was less then stellar, he usually cranks out a balanced performance informed by Loki’s need to be vindicated by his adoptive father. But he’s a diamond in the rough.

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Despite working with decades of material, the Marvel film continuity is – so far – almost void of bad guys who are anything but, well, bad. While cardboard, power-hungry world destroyers can be fun, they certainly aren’t enough to carry the antagonistic side of an entire franchise.

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Happy Thorsday! David Ward on Thor and Loki

Check out this wonderful article discussing our favourite Marvel Asgardian pare.

Thor is a twit.

He’s boastful, arrogant, temperamental, and downright stupid. His half-brother, Loki, got the advantage on him more times than not, and Thor’s ususal response was to hit him with a hammer or come crying back (well, ok, screaming and yelling – that’s more manly, after all) to the Allfather, Odin. I can’t blame Loki for playing games with the Asgardian; he kept falling for them. He was quite possibly the easiest Mark in Norse myth, and for the trickster Loki, a source of endless entertainment.

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Loki’s Time With Your Children

See Loki prove his point that he is better then Thor. He does it adeptly in Comedy Central’s video

Thor: Dark World Review

Here’s a long awaited review by jamespearce87 of the new chapter in the Cinematic Marvel Universe! Thor against Malekith. Sounds wonderful!

James Pearce Blog


After the blockbuster success of Avengers Assemble, Marvel Studios need the follow up films to carry on the legacy set out in Joss Whedon’s epic in the build up to a potential sequel.  The good news for them is that this follow up to 2011’s Thor does just enough to leave a positive impact.  The bad news is that Thor: Dark World doesn’t deliver the god sized hammer blow they will have hoped for.

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Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Thor & Kurse (Thor: The Dark World)

Check out this review of the new Thor: The Dark World toys. They look fun! And my wallet is already burning a hole in my pocket!



Thor: The Dark World has sneaked up on me. Really, I totally forgot it was coming out! So hey, Thor fights Dark Elves – not D&D Drow, but things based a little more on the original Norse dark elves. That’s about all I know at the moment. Jane Foster may or may not be in danger. I know how it sounds, but I am looking forward to this movie… I just have no spoilers. Oh hey, the toys are already here! I wasn’t able to find the Dark Elf soldiers, and I only snagged one of the Thor variants and Kurse.


Kurse in the comics is an Asgardian trapped in a suit of armor, filled with rage and revenge fantasies against Thor.  He received his armor from The Beyonder, and is trapped in it – it also is garish yellow and gold, and pretty comic-booky.  Kurse in the movie?



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Thor: The best hammer scenes in movies

To celebrate the upcoming new Thor film, watch’s selections of the best hammer scenes in movies!

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