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Carry on our Wayward Sons: Supernatural Season 3 – Poison Breaks Down The One Where Dean Gets Bitten

Welcome back to the overview of Eric Kripke’s Supernatural; the monster-of-the-week mystery drama series about the Winchester brothers Sam and Dean.

We last saw them closing a Hell Gate and killing their longtime foe in Season Two; now let’s take a look at what’s in store for them in:

Season Three


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Carry On Our Wayward Sons: Season Two – The One In Which Dean Gets That Bastard Azazel

TiotlecardtwopentancleWelcome back to the overview of Eric Kripke’s Supernatural; the monster-of-the-week mystery drama series about the Winchester brothers Sam and Dean.
We met them on their first journey in Season One and continue right away with:

Season Two
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Carry On Our Wayward Sons: Supernatural Season One – The One In Which the Winchesters Become a Pair

Extremis is proud to present a new series from sometimes contributor PoiSonPaiNter about the CW’s Supernatural. 

The Winchester's and their Impala

The Winchester’s and their Impala

Usually a review on this page is for a Comic Book volume, detailing what is happening and how the overall storyline is coming along. This one is instead about a TV series and also a bit different.

Supernatural by Eric Kripke is more or less a monster-of-the-week mystery drama show that started into its tenth season in the beginning of October. Because (nearly) every episode follows a certain pattern a proper review – episode by episode – would be rather redundant. Therefore I’ll give an overview of the storyline and a few important plot points so far, so that you will be well prepared for catching up. Read the rest of this entry

‘The Flash’ First Look: Grant Gustin suits up for new promo — VIDEO

We are trying to stop posting these buzzy articles but I thought just this once  because it has the wonderful Flash trailer — which I am overjoyed by — we’d share it. ENJOY!

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‘Arrow’ recap: It’s not easy being green

English: Summer Glau at WOnderCon 2008

English: Summer Glau at WOnderCon 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night’s Arrow had some stunning stunts, great battle sequences, and Summer Glau. Summer Glau is always a plus. (Sorry to get all teenage boy you.) Anyway, this was a great episode but Laurel is the worst! She knows about Ollie and says nothing. Come on, Lance, I’ve had it with your pious waffling!

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Arrow Recap: Oliver Meets His ‘Worst Enemy’ (and No, It’s Not Slade), Plus Three Big Reveals


Arrow Laurel Learns Oliver's Secret “Oliver thought he was facing one kind of enemy,” Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim had told TVLine of this week’s episode. “But the truth is he’s facing a very different kind, and that enemy will really surprise him.”

And that enemy is… himself.

PHOTOS |Arrow First Look: Slade Attacks Oliver’s [Spoiler]!

For as revealed in Wednesday’s episode, titled “Deathstroke,” the execution of Slade Wilson’s endgame is every bit as “complicated” as Guggenheim foretold. Yes, he kidnapped Thea — but not to harm her, or lure Oliver into a honey trap. Instead, his goal was to A) reveal to Thea her shocking true paternity, while B) distracting his adversary from such things as a takeover of Queen Consolidated, and Slade’s recruitment of a small army to help Sebastian Blood “take” the city, if not necessarily as mayor.

But Oliver lost even more — potentially a lot more — than Thea’s…

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For the record, don’t call me Speedy: Goon Reviews Arrow “Birds of Prey”

Snooty and Goon

Birds of Prey

I love Thea, she is just amazing.  Best character on the show.  Okay, just wanted to get that out of  the way, onto the review.

Okay, this episode gave me all sorts of chills.  If you could see me, where would be goosebumps on my arm, Helena being back, Laurel’s falling to darkness, Sara pulling herself out of it!  To much amazing for one hour.  Lets get into it.

On the island we see Sara and the others that escaped from the boat arriving at the plane, she then receives a call from Slade, telling her that he still has Oliver and offers her a trade, Oliver for the Henrdicks.  Slade needs Hendricks to repair the boat so that he can leave, and tortures Oliver until Sara agrees to turn him over.  Hendricks, of course, is not in favor of this plan but in the end ends up being part…

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‘The Flash’ first full body costume photo

Flash is here. This is the first image of the full body costume of the new Barry Allen on CW. I cannot wait for this show. If it is anything like the surprising Arrow, then I am sure, the show is gonna really worth the watch.THE FLASH Full Suit Image




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DC Comics’ Small Screen Advantage: They Aren’t Marvel

This is a wonderful rundown about the difference between DC and Marvel’s issues with TV and Movies.

I for one have been blown away by the CW‘s Arrow. It’s ability to convey the power of the comics it has drawn on and the way it makes a fully comprehensive world is totally engrossing.

Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. on the other hand is a bit lesser in my opinion. I have been annoyed by the extraordinarily small world it exists in. For instance, when they collided with the events of Thor: Dark World. They just cleaned up after him. This was the only mention. I thought that was a wasted opportunity.

Anyway, have a read it’s a good article.

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Outright Geekery

DC-Marvel TV

It’s been a long and tired argument among comic book fans. A question that virtually defines a comic book fan to his core. A question that has stirred hate, disgust and suspicion among the diehard fanboy and comic newbie alike.

Marvel or DC?

The battle between the two big comic book publishers is long and storied. No one knows when it truly began. Maybe it was the whole golf-course conversation about a certain successful DC superhero team comic and the ensuing team comic from Marvel blatantly copying the method to even greater success. Or the constant back and forth throughout the decades as the companies continued to try and one up each other in sales month after month. No matter how it started, the battle lives and breathes to this day in each and every local comic book shop around the world. The only problem with the argument is that…

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Arrow’s Showrunner Denies Any DC/Marvel Rivalry

Popwrapped seems to have secured an article that claims there is no rivalry between TV Marvel and TV DC.

This is probably true. Though there is definitely jealousy when it comes to companies like Fox vs. Disney. All these companies want to get in on the cash cow that is the superhero adaptation.

Though I love both the CW‘s Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I hope the upcoming adaptations are done with the same tender love and care.

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