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Thor: Dark World Review

Here’s a long awaited review by jamespearce87 of the new chapter in the Cinematic Marvel Universe! Thor against Malekith. Sounds wonderful!

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After the blockbuster success of Avengers Assemble, Marvel Studios need the follow up films to carry on the legacy set out in Joss Whedon’s epic in the build up to a potential sequel.  The good news for them is that this follow up to 2011’s Thor does just enough to leave a positive impact.  The bad news is that Thor: Dark World doesn’t deliver the god sized hammer blow they will have hoped for.

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Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Thor & Kurse (Thor: The Dark World)

Check out this review of the new Thor: The Dark World toys. They look fun! And my wallet is already burning a hole in my pocket!



Thor: The Dark World has sneaked up on me. Really, I totally forgot it was coming out! So hey, Thor fights Dark Elves – not D&D Drow, but things based a little more on the original Norse dark elves. That’s about all I know at the moment. Jane Foster may or may not be in danger. I know how it sounds, but I am looking forward to this movie… I just have no spoilers. Oh hey, the toys are already here! I wasn’t able to find the Dark Elf soldiers, and I only snagged one of the Thor variants and Kurse.


Kurse in the comics is an Asgardian trapped in a suit of armor, filled with rage and revenge fantasies against Thor.  He received his armor from The Beyonder, and is trapped in it – it also is garish yellow and gold, and pretty comic-booky.  Kurse in the movie?



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Thor: The best hammer scenes in movies

To celebrate the upcoming new Thor film, watch’s selections of the best hammer scenes in movies!

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