Batman V. Superman: Batfleck and DC’s Big Mistake

Batman-v-Superman-Dawn-of-Justice-LogoIt wasn’t long after the closing credits for The Avengers had ended that I found myself saying “We need a Justice League movie.” There’s really no excuse for there not being one already. With the success of Marvel’s cross-over films, I had to ask myself, “Why hasn’t DC started doing this?”

Well, now they are. Except they’ve decided to skip character development altogether. Instead of doing things the smart way, giving Batman his own movie, Wonder Woman her own movie (which is long overdue, considering we’ve yet to have a standalone female superhero film), and the others their own movies, they’ve opted for a backdoor Justice League film in place of the Man of Steel sequel.

I can understand DC’s concern, if they’re worried about the success of some of these characters. After all, Green Lantern was a bust, and it’d be kind of hard to make The Flash look good on screen. But to the headliners, most especially Batman, this is just plain insulting. A character who helmed one of the world’s most successful trilogies, not to mention arguably the most critically successful superhero film to date, was not deemed worthy of his own film.

Ben Affleck Batsuit and Batmobile reveal 2 - editLest you be deceived by the title of this post, this is not about taking another dig at Batfleck. With Darede—err I mean Ben Affleck was cast in the role, I wasn’t thrilled, but I also wasn’t among the flocks of people shouting insults and calling my great-aunt Althea a #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck. He wouldn’t have been my first choice, but he also wouldn’t have been my last. So the point is not that Snyder, Affleck, and co. are ruining Batman, but rather that Affleck can (and should) carry his own Batman film before being tossed into the crowded spectacle of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Maybe, just maybe, if this was going to be a young Batman, I could see it. It could be the first look we get at this young Batman, and perhaps the events of the film could form his persona. But this is an older Batman. He’s supposed to be already established as a formidable crimefighter. That underlines all the more the need for Batfleck’s own film. If he’s supposed to be already established, then we as the audience are then expected to have a connection with him. But you can’t just throw a guy on screen and expect an audience to connect with him. That’s one of the many Schumacher made—throwing in a new Batman and expecting him to be successful (not to be confused with ice puns, Batnipples, or close-ups of George Clooney’s buttocks).

The more I think about this, the more it just doesn’t make sense. Sure the Green Lantern was a flop. Sure The Flash would look weird on screen. But of Man of Steel taught us anything, it taught us that comic book fans are very forgiving. We freak out when something isn’t perfect, and we hate stuff based on the most petty of reasons. But we also flock to the next film, and forget about the mistakes that plagued the last. This isn’t about likelihood of success. This is about the most dreaded of all nerd wars: DC vs. Marvel.

Marvel has made a killing with their cinematic universe. DC, of course, wants in on the action. That’s perfectly legitimate, and we want to see that. But instead of being patient, they’re running full blast in a panic to compete with Marvel’s universe. That might be what marketing tells them to do, but in the process they’ll be robbing us of some great stories, not to mention the attention that each one of the Justice League characters deserve. ~ Logan Judy: Extremis’ Batman Contributor

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