(Review) Arrow Season 2 Episode 21, City of Blood

Last night’s Arrow was where the shit hit the fan. Not only did Isabel finally show up as the full fledged Ravager, but Brother Blood was found out and city apocalypse number 2 is on the horizon. I hear next episode Nyssa Al Ghul will return, so that’s fun. I wonder when we’ll see Ra‘s (or for that matter the return of Malcolm Merlin?)

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The heat continues to turn up as Deathstroke, Ravager and Blood take their army to the streets. Meanwhile, Oliver must deal with the ramifications of last weeks events, which have left him broken and with little to no hope. He begins to wonder if maybe the best solution is to give up and hope that Deathstroke will stop his plans without Oliver to torture. (Caution: may contain spoilers, or have come in contact with spoilers.)

The Episode Earns Its Title

City of Blood

Here we are back to the big problem: Deathstroke and his plans for starling (though Deathstroke doesn’t show his face). With Moira dead (sorry if you didn’t know that yet… but you probably shouldn’t be reading this review if you didn’t… I digress) Sebastian Blood is now the mayor of starling city. Wallowing in his victory we see the smug new mayor throwing around his weight and then fulfilling his…

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