Arrow Recap: Oliver Meets His ‘Worst Enemy’ (and No, It’s Not Slade), Plus Three Big Reveals


Arrow Laurel Learns Oliver's Secret “Oliver thought he was facing one kind of enemy,” Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim had told TVLine of this week’s episode. “But the truth is he’s facing a very different kind, and that enemy will really surprise him.”

And that enemy is… himself.

PHOTOS |Arrow First Look: Slade Attacks Oliver’s [Spoiler]!

For as revealed in Wednesday’s episode, titled “Deathstroke,” the execution of Slade Wilson’s endgame is every bit as “complicated” as Guggenheim foretold. Yes, he kidnapped Thea — but not to harm her, or lure Oliver into a honey trap. Instead, his goal was to A) reveal to Thea her shocking true paternity, while B) distracting his adversary from such things as a takeover of Queen Consolidated, and Slade’s recruitment of a small army to help Sebastian Blood “take” the city, if not necessarily as mayor.

But Oliver lost even more — potentially a lot more — than Thea’s…

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