DC Comics’ Small Screen Advantage: They Aren’t Marvel

This is a wonderful rundown about the difference between DC and Marvel’s issues with TV and Movies.

I for one have been blown away by the CW‘s Arrow. It’s ability to convey the power of the comics it has drawn on and the way it makes a fully comprehensive world is totally engrossing.

Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. on the other hand is a bit lesser in my opinion. I have been annoyed by the extraordinarily small world it exists in. For instance, when they collided with the events of Thor: Dark World. They just cleaned up after him. This was the only mention. I thought that was a wasted opportunity.

Anyway, have a read it’s a good article.

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DC-Marvel TV

It’s been a long and tired argument among comic book fans. A question that virtually defines a comic book fan to his core. A question that has stirred hate, disgust and suspicion among the diehard fanboy and comic newbie alike.

Marvel or DC?

The battle between the two big comic book publishers is long and storied. No one knows when it truly began. Maybe it was the whole golf-course conversation about a certain successful DC superhero team comic and the ensuing team comic from Marvel blatantly copying the method to even greater success. Or the constant back and forth throughout the decades as the companies continued to try and one up each other in sales month after month. No matter how it started, the battle lives and breathes to this day in each and every local comic book shop around the world. The only problem with the argument is that…

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  1. I’m not sure I see DC’s “We can if we want” philosophy as an advantage… A Marvel movie is more than the sum of its parts, because there really is MORE. Anything DC puts out singly will have to be mindblowing on its own.

    • You have a very good point. DC, as we know, has not always been able to do a sweeping show. For example, Smallville was almost certainly a misstep. Though it lasted for 10 seasons, that show was being propped up by a very different audience then is watching Arrow now. I think Smallville is perfect example of what you are talking about.

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