Petition to Name New Planet “Gallifrey”

If you haven’t seen this new planet discovery, please read about it. They have named these planets after fan places. Vulcan comes to mind. I am all for it.


Nicole MacDowell
Staff Writer

A new planet has been discovered and the internet has decided that they want the planet named “Gallifrey” in honor of Doctor Who and it’s 50th anniversary.

A petition on has Whovians from around the world signing their names to try and convince the International Astronomical Union to rename “Planet HD 106906 b” to “Gallifrey”. The petition automatically sends an email to the specified target every time a new signature is added. The current petition has over 10,000 signatures needed out of their 100,000 signature goal.

The movement also has a hashtag to boost the popularity of the petition. Users on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook can search “#GallifreyFound” to access the petition as well as all related articles and posts.

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