Donna Noble: The Most Important Woman In All Of Creation

As a follow up to the earlier post. Here’s a retrospective of Donna Noble!


Tamara Fuentes
Staff Writer

Ask anyone whom the most important woman in all of creation is and you’ll probably get 500 different answers. Ask a Whovian, and you’ll get one: Donna Noble.

Donna Noble, portrayed by Catherine Tate, first appeared at the end of Doomsday, right after the Doctor’s goodbye to Rose Tyler. Soon after, in his TARDIS as he sets course to his next destination, Donna ends up in the TARDIS, her own sassy self questioning why she’s even there in the first place, as it is her wedding day. Then, in “The Runaway Bride” we see her in her first adventure with the Doctor as she tries to make it back home only to find out her groom is not what he seems to be. In the end, she declines the Doctor’s offer to travel with him and she tells him to not travel alone, something the Doctor…

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