Captain Jack Harkness: Forever A Flirt, Forever Alive, And Forever Jack

In preparation for the upcoming 50th Anniversary show, Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues shares with us a retrospective on Captain Jack, one of the Doctor’s greatest friends.

I love John Barrowman. Whether on the show Arrow or as Jack, he is a truly fantastic actor.

It’s a great shame that he was left out of the upcoming anniversary.

Take a read.


Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues
Staff Writer

Captain Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman, may not have appeared on Doctor Who since its fourth season, but lest we forget the immortal sexual companion who helped The Doctor out of many sticky situations. The former con man turner time traveller from the 51st century was first seen on the sci-fi show in the season one episode “The Empty Child” and last seen in the Tenth Doctor’s final adventure, “The End Of Time.”

Even though Jack accompanies the Doctor in the Tardis for a lot less time than other companions, his wit, charm, and lets face it, that perfect face, make it hard to forget him. Jack played a short but vital role in the Doctors life. After all, the Doctor did turn to him when he was having parallel world issues.

When we first saw him in the first season, we were all mystified…

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