10 Things I Love About Spider-Man

The thing I love about these early Spider-Mans, aside from the topical references, is the fact that J. Jonah Jameson could be considered a paranoid schizophrenic. If something slightly goes wrong in the city, he thinks Spider-Man is behind it. At one point he even claims that Sandman and Spider are the same guy. And this man runs an important media empire? How strangely timely in this period of Rupert Murdoch.

Read this. This is delightful and we’ll discuss all these issues in upcoming instalments of Journey Into Marvel. By Martian Luthor Kang the 117th

"The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks"

I recently embarked on a mission to read the entire run of The Amazing Spider-Man. Over my years as a comic fan, I’ve read a fair-sized chunk of them, but this time through I want to tackle them in chronological order.

AF 15 Cover

And then I says to myself, I says, “Marshy, my boy, you write for a pop culture website! Why on Earth wouldn’t you write about this project so the world, or at least a very small cross-section of the world’s population can see it?”. And then I said back to myself, I said, “Geez, relax. I was gonna do that anyway. Go have a cigarette or something.”… and it went on like this.



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I possess a degree in Theatre and Drama from the University of Toronto. I own my own theatre company called Snobbish Theatre. We focus our work on new versions of classics.

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