13 Terrible X-Men We Won’t See in the Movies

Excited about X-Men: Days of Future’s Past? Get to know the black sheep that surely will not be in the film. By gfunk101.

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Did you see the trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past? Holy smokes, that was fantastic! Possibly the greatest ensemble cast ever assembled for a franchise mash-up the likes of which we haven’t seen before. Watch it here:

That moustache is amazing, Dinklage. You may have noticed a number of new faces among the cast. Don’t worry, we’ll explain who they are in a future article. Today we’re breathing a sigh of relief that these characters weren’t included.

#13 – Shatterstar


This Rob Liefeld creation had a difficult start in life by being created by Rob Liefeld. The artists trademark horribleness is reflected in Shatterstar’s ridiculous weapon choice (swords with two parallel blades), a mullet, strange headgear and matching shoulder pads, dozens of pouches and muscles growing out of his muscles. He was intended to be the latest in a line of ultimate-badass characters who tried to out-Wolverine the Wolverine, so his mutant…

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I possess a degree in Theatre and Drama from the University of Toronto. I own my own theatre company called Snobbish Theatre. We focus our work on new versions of classics.

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