Why Are You Sad That There’s No Female Doctor?

I think the idea of a lady Doctor comes from the fact the companions have been so unsatisfying under Moffat. Under Davie’s tenure, the companions had been heroines in their own right. Rose, Donna, Martha all had fully fleshed 3 dimensional everyman narratives. Moffat has reduced that role to a flirty sidekick, who always needs rescuing. The Doctor as a male character is far more important. Not for some proto-chauvinistic reason, but because he’s one of the only male characters in modern day Sci-fi flicks, that first doesn’t use guns and uses words/ingenuity to solve issues. He is also totally and utterly respectful to Women. In fact, he never (under Davies) gives into the empty headed sexuality of the relationship. To change him over to a woman would be to cheapen that perspective. We’d be taking away the enlightened, respectful, relationship of two equal humanistic (for he is a Timelord after all) time travellers. The problem here is not should he be a woman, but she we allow a sexist like Moffat to destroy the women of a historically feminist show. To create a truly equal world, we must have good female leaders and males. We don’t need to change what isn’t broken, we need to stop it from deevolving as recent Doctor Who has. Just look at the treatment of Cleopatra to see what I mean. Just my two cents.

Lady Geek Girl and Friends

Much of the internet has feels (this blog included) about the lack of female Doctor. I personally do not have such an opinion simply because Moffat has proven time and again that he is incapable of writing a decent female character, specifically his female companions.

female doctor1Too frequently Moffat treats his female companions like an audience for the Doctor: that they should just smile, nod, and take everything that is given without question. It’s getting to a point where the Doctor is hero-worshipped by his companions as opposed to the companions balancing him out. I’ve discussed before how the companion’s job is to, in a sense, keep the Doctor from losing control of himself. Eleven, in my opinion, has had too much freedom and not enough checks. And it is the writers who didn’t give us strong female companions.

I also think that Clara and Amy are too similar when…

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