The 5 Best Bromances of the Marvel Universe.

There are so many great male platonic relationships in the Marvel Universe. This article by Brian Le from Nerd Swole ably sums up the 5 best. However, as I relayed to him, I would have added Iron Man and War Machine to this list. But he relayed to me his reason for not including them.

“I strongly considered them! I definitely would have put them on the honorable mention list though. To me they didn’t make it because they kinda straddled the line between hero-sidekick and heroes bromancing.

Check it out. Certainly worth a read and probably a follow.

Nerd Swole

Bromance – Describes the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males. (Urbandictionary)

Or if you prefer:

Now that we’ve defined bromance, know that when I’m talking about bromances, I’ll be trying to avoid relationships that are more hero-sidekick than bromances. For example, relationships like the Captain America/Falcon relationship are more hero-sidekick than two heroes bromancing. So we’re going to be more on the track of heroes who have solo books that have brought others into their book, or really prominent friendships within a larger team. The bromances will be judged on a number of factors, effectiveness as a team, fan reception, longevity, how many times you got the feels, and impact on the Marvel Universe.


5. Wolverine/Nightcrawler/Colossus


What isn’t there to like about this group? Wolverine who is for all intents and purposes basically the face of the X-men. Nightcrawler, who let’s be honest, has…

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